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Barbara Kerr - Taste of Health CEO

Barbara Kerr - Taste of Health CEO

About the author:  You’re familiar with the verse in the Bible in Genesis 50:20 that describes Joseph’s long ordeal with his family.  One of being sold into slavery by his own brothers and suffering alienation for years because of their antics.  Scripture reminds us “that which the devil planned to use to destroy us, God can transform it into something good.”  This is certainly the case with Barbara Kerr.  In fact, she has been a regular host on Three Angels Broadcasting Network and features gourmet recipes in her cookbook entitled Taste of Health Volume One and Volume Two to assist people with Crohn’s Disease, Colitis or Lactose Intolerance.

Because of her own physical challenges and near death experiences in the early ‘90s, Barbara has a real mission to help others who may be headed down that same road she traveled.  Stricken with the disease at the age of 16, she struggled with the chronic inflammation of the digestive tract that kept her health in a constant uproar.  After surgery in 1994 to remove her scarred large intestine, she launched a personal campaign to change her way of eating; in total, a complete life-style change.  In her television presentations, Barbara basically incorporates a teaching style that gives ideas on how to cook the types of foods she believes God intended us to eat.  To her, that means eating many fruits, and stocking her shelves with numerous vegetables, legumes and grains and avoiding meats and processed foods with added chemicals.

Today Barbara runs her vibrant ministry from her home, conducts cooking schools, makes presentations at women’s retreats and has regular appearances on the Three Angels Network.  In addition to all the doors the Lord has opened for her to share her health knowledge, she has been able to use the profits from the sales of her first cookbook to help fund a church in India, aid in the translation of children’s story books into Romanian, and teach tens of thousands of people how to live healthfully.  God has blessed her experiences so that she may help others!  Many are on the road to recovery because of what she has learned and shared.  Even with a major change in diet, you can still say “Bon Appetit” with gusto. Just ask Barbara.

Barbara resides in South Carolina with her husband of 24 years, Bill; her 20-year-old son Nathan; one dog Macy; and three cats, Chloe, Hook, and Rocky.

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