Quick Start Guide to Controlling Crohn’s Drug Free

Hi, there are many health professionals out there telling you which diet is the best to eat. I personally believe the best diet for anyone struggling with any form of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) is a bio-individuality diet consisting of foods that have been tested in a laboratory with your own blood. After a decade of continuing to gain weight no matter what I ate or didn’t eat, no matter how much or how little I exercised, a friend introduced me to the ALCAT food sensitivity website www.ALCAT.com. In a short four-month period, I dropped 50 pounds and my husband has lost 60! With all of the health classes I’ve taught, I now understand that there is NO ONE DIET perfect for everyone! Please invest in yourself and figure out what common (even healthy) foods are triggering your inflammation. I am now a recognized healthcare provider for the ALCAT Cell Science System. If you are interested in having a food sensitivity test, please contact me by phone or email, at 803-936-1714 or Barbara@TasteOfHealth.net. I am offering a 15 percent discount to anyone mentioning this website.

For many inflammatory bowel disease sufferers, a gluten free diet consisting of REAL food, not processed gluten free mixes may also help relieve your symptoms. Dr. William Davis opened my eyes to the startling evidence surrounding wheat, and how those changes may have had a profound effect on my health and possibly yours. I urge you to listen to his one hour YouTube video to hear for yourself how this one change can make a huge impact on your life. It’s called, Wheat, The UNhealthy Grain. I am also partial to Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Super Immunity. He combines the most healthy foods on the planet into recipes that will supercharge your immune system. The back of his book is loaded with recipes to help you get started.

However,…if you want to spiral UPWARDS towards balanced health again, there are 6 things that are Non-Negotiable! You cannot pick 1 or 2 or 3 things from this list and leave the rest behind. These 6 things work synergistically to bring your intestinal health back into balance.

They are:

1) Carrot & green juice: 2X/day, 16oz in am & 10-12oz mid- afternoon. Wait 1-hr before eating anything. (Repairs damaged cells & builds new improved cells; boosts immune system function; provides incredible nutrition.) You must make this fresh using a food juicer. You CANNOT use a high speed blender or purchase something from a grocery store. I use and love the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. They can be found at many stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond for around $150. It is NOT necessary to buy an expensive juicer. Look at yard sales or clearance deals.

2) Aloe Vera Juice from WalMart: 2-3X/day 8-10 oz each glass on empty stomach. (Reduces inflammation equivalent to 15-20 mg of prednisone & allows the intestines to absorb nutrients from the carrot juice and other food. Also allows the body to wean off of prednisone.)

3) Mini Trampoline: 10 min 3X/day. Manually moves the lymph system emptying your body’s trash can. This exercise cannot be replaced with walking although walking is excellent. This is non-negotiable! A mini trampoline can be purchased at Walmart for around $29.

4) Any Multi Acidophilous: 1 cap 3X/day. Must contain a minimum of 4 different strains of bacteria. This amt can be reduced to 2X/day after 3 months. (Replaces missing healthy bacteria in the gut that is destroyed by antibiotics or laxatives that are required prior to GI tests (colonoscopies, surgical bowel preps, etc) Without the proper amount of healthy bacteria (flora) present in the GI tract, a person cannot form a normal stool, regardless of whether a person has diarrhea OR is chronically constipated. Also helps to cut down on putrid smelling gas. I use a brand called KAL Multi-Acidophilous-4 from the www.VitaminShoppe.com It costs around $7.50 (you don’t need a super expensive brand for it to work.) Powders and liquids are also fine.

5) UDO’S 3-6-9 Oil Blend with DHA: 1 tablespoon 2X/day. One with each glass of carrot juice. (Reduces inflammation; makes the beta carotenes in the juice absorb more effectively and supports cell healing and overall immune function.) Can also be purchased from www.VitaminShoppe.com

6) Water; 2-3 liters/day. Start your day with a minimum of 20-25oz. Then drink between meals and even if not thirsty. (Water is necessary to flush toxins from the body and assist in immune health! This is VERY important and cannot be left out. You may drink more, but do not drink less! Pure distilled or reverse osmosis water is best. Pure alkaline water such as Dasani is even better if you don’t have access to an alkaline water machine.)

I hope these 6 basic principals for restoring bowel health will be helpful typed out for you. I cannot stress enough that this will take consistency over a 6-month period of time! What you choose to eat will vary as you hear about one miracle crohns diet after another. These 6 key factors need to become your foundation in restoring balance to your diseased intestinal tract. There IS HOPE!!! Everything can come back into balance, but it won’t happen overnight. If you are faithful in building on this foundation, you will see a gradual restoration and balance to your health.

7) There is a 7th thing you can do, but it is not a must, it’s more of a “probably should.” It is going through a powerful Parasite cleanse using the absolute most effective, natural, product I have found on the market. It’s called CLEAR.

I’ve recently returned to school to get my Holistic Health Practitioner degree. It is estimated that 85-95% of all Americans are infected with at least one type of parasite. There are over 100 different types of parasites that humans can get. Once inside, the eggs hatch, then (most varieties) hitch a ride in your blood stream to your lungs. They live in the bottom of your lungs while they mature into adults (10-14 days), then they crawl up your bronchial tubes and you feel like you need to clear your throat. You swallow them back down into your gut where they live as adults for an average of 1-6 years per worm. Each female lays between 300-300,000 eggs/worm/day! These parasites eat your nutrients while you try to live off what they leave behind. They excrete toxic byproducts into your body, making it hard to sleep, or concentrate. Essentially they wreck your life leaving you tired, lethargic, sick, and listless. Doctors don’t generally recognize the symptoms and even if they do suspect parasites, by the time a stool sample is given the eggs can be dead before they see them. Giving you a false negative.
If you own animals, kiss your animals, ever bite your nails or put your fingers in your mouth, it would be wise to go through a bottle of CLEAR once a year. Parasites can also be spread through kissing, etc. Eggs floating through the air from someone vacuuming or sweeping can land on your food and be swallowed. As you can see, it’s a good idea to do some yearly housecleaning. : )

If you have visible-to-the-eye parasites, YOU WILL SEE THEM DEAD IN THE TOILET in ONE to THREE DAYs!!!
In 24-hrs, my husband passed a large white worm that looked similar to a caterpillar. By the third day, my 12-yr-old son passed a gob of pinworms that I had NO IDEA he had, and the third day I had one bm that was more worms than poo!!! There were several different sizes. Some looked like grains of white rice, some slender and about an inch long, and some looked like white watermelon seeds with legs on the narrow end. Young parasites can be pink in color and some parasites can even be black and look like sesame seeds. Yikes!!!

You might want to invest in a bottle of CLEAR to assist in the removal of any parasites that you might have. Recently, the company dropped the price twenty dollars (yay) and one bottle costs $59.95 + tax & shipping. This is a 90-cap bottle and will last you 45 days.
They are easy to take: The company recommends taking 2 capsules on an EMPTY STOMACH either in the morning, OR before bed with at least 2 tall glasses of water. WAIT a minimum of ONE hour before eating, but TWO hours is more effective. I personally recommend taking them at bedtime on an empty stomach with a tall glass of water. This allows the maximum amount of time to work before eating your morning meal. If you find you are passing a lot of parasites, you can increase the number of capsules to TWO at bedtime and TWO in the morning 1 to 2 hours before breakfast.
It’s a great and easy thing to do once a year (or more) to keep yourself clean of the little critters! We ALWAYS take CLEAR with us when traveling outside of the USA too. : )
You can order a bottle at: www.TasteOfHealth.AwarenessLife.com

If you have more questions please feel free to call me. 803-936-1714 EST between 11:00 am & 5:30 pm. My website is www.TasteOfHealth.net.
Hugs & Prayers,
Barbara Kerr

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