Controlling Crohn’s Drug Free

Dear Friends,

Barbara Kerr - Crohn's Survivor

Barbara Kerr – Crohn

I just want to take a minute to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful letters of encouragement you have written to me! When I was asked to give my Crohn’s & colitis testimony on a Three Angels Broadcasting Network “Presents Special” in May of 1997, I explained to the staff that I thought it was needed, but that it would be somewhat graphic. I was afraid of possibly offending someone by talking so frankly.

I feel that there are so many people in this world who are suffering and don’t know where to turn or what to do, and they are too embarrassed to ask for help. I know I was at one time. I am currently working on putting my testimony in print. That project should be completed in September, 2014. It will be called, Drug Free Crohn’s Control ~ What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You.

I’ve finally completed my second cookbook! It’s the hardest work I think I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding (next to being a mom, of course). Many of you have asked for my “Crohn’s recipes”, or information on what I have done for Crohn’s myself. That is the biggest reason for this Crohns article.

I have had Crohn’s disease for 32 years. Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowel disease that can cause inflammation and ulceration of your small or large intestine and eventually malabsorption of the food you eat. It can cause chronic diarrhea, intestinal pain, urgency (when you feel there isn’t enough time to make it to the toilet), rectal bleeding, blood loss anemia, and incontinence of stool and fistula disease. Those that suffer usually suffer silently. It’s an embarrassing disease that is not talked about. My goal is to change all that and to let the world know there is hope!

In October of 1994, doctors removed my extremely scarred large intestine and rectum. I felt as though I had been defeated and that I would never be able to help anyone else. At that point in time I had been drug free for one year and three months. However, the day before my surgery, I had my last Colonoscopy (a test where a tube with a small camera attached is inserted into the rectum and views you from the inside out).

That test showed that I had totally healed approximately two-thirds of my large intestine, which had previously been 100%, ulcerated. Unfortunately, years of scar tissue had developed in my descending colon and rectum, making it impossible to save. I gratefully live with an ileostomy now, thankful to be alive and able to help others. I have occasionally had flare-ups, but can kick one out in 24 hours or less. The following pages explain in detail how I have for six years now controlled Crohn’s disease drug free!

You do all understand that I am NOT a doctor, nor can I prescribe anything for you, or take you off any medication. I CAN share with you a little of what I have personally gone through and what I have found works for me. You should discuss with your doctor any changes you may want to make. However, most of what I use or do I learned reading and by personal trial and error…

#1) To control inflammation on a daily basis and/or an acute flare up I

Daily- I drink 12oz. Aloe Vera Juice most mornings upon rising. I pour it and allow it to start to warm while I take my shower. Then, it’s not too hot, not too cold. I personally have found an inexpensive brand of Aloe that tastes great, is cold-processed, field-grown and works for me. I buy it at Wal Mart in the pharmacy section on the shelf. It is usually priced at $7.97 gallon and is Fruit of the Earth brand.

Health food stores will charge upwards of $25.00 per gallon of Aloe. It tastes best if it’s refrigerated. For best results, don’t mix it with any juice. Sip it on an empty stomach. No, it doesn’t taste like Kool-Aid, but it’s not horrible either. Aloe works like an internal Band-Aid, soothing inflammation and hopefully helping some of you get off that last 10mg of Prednisone. Check out some reading material on Aloe from your library, or you can purchase a book at your local health food or bookstore.

Acute flare up- I drink 10 – 12 oz. Aloe Vera juice four to five times per day and skip eating, usually about 24 hours. If I do eat food, it’s a piece of soft fruit like banana or grapes. This would also be an ideal time to drink a glass of vegetable juice you just put through your juicer. Carrot, kale, parsley, and celery is a great juice to drink (16 – 20 oz.), but any vegetables in your crisper will do. Just don’t mix fruits and vegetables together in your juices or your meals. (That alone will give you bad gas pains.) Also, always use a super-fine strainer to remove any pulp from your juice. If you remove the pulp, your body doesn’t need to go through digestion to break it down, and 90% of the nutrition will reach your cellular level and feed your starving cells. Using a powerful blender is not the same as juicing. Our goal here is to eliminate the energy expended during the digestive process. That is only possible by removing the pulp completely. Later, when your inflammation has calmed down, you should eat a high fiber diet that is nutrient dense.

I still have flare ups with my Crohn’s; I had one at camp meeting several years back now. I just went to Wal Mart, started drinking, stopped eating (I had been eating some wheat gluten Adventist products that week which I really DO NOT recommend when you have any colon trouble. Wheat gluten is one of the hardest things for anyone’s body to digest. Stay away completely!) And for the next couple of days I ate moderately soft raw food and I got over my flare up quickly. Within three to four days, I was fine. One great thing about Aloe is that if you are constipated, it will make you regular and kind of clean house, and if you have the runs it will stop that and help you to bulk up. I truly love it and could not have survived drug-free the first ten years without it! I no longer need to drink Aloe, but I know it’s there for me if I ever need it.

#2) Mini Trampoline

When I get out of bed in the morning, before my shower and pouring a glass of Aloe, I go into my rec. room and bounce 10 minutes on my mini trampoline. Now, before you say to yourself, “I could NEVER do that”, I want you to understand why this one thing will be very critical to your recovery from I.B.D. (inflammatory bowel disease).

It doesn’t matter what time of the day you bounce; it will be beneficial to your body. I bounce in the morning because that is when I can best fit it into my schedule, and because no matter how bad I might be feeling before I bounce, I ALWAYS feel better by the time I’m done, and for the rest of the day!

When I first started on a mini trampoline I could barely bounce 30 seconds. I would have to stop many times during those first several months to run to my bathroom. Also, I was so physically weak I couldn’t take it. But I would return maybe 10 or 15 times per day and bounce another 30 – 45 seconds at a time. Sometimes my stomach would be hurting terribly, so I would hold my stomach as tightly as I could to support it while I bounced.

Now I’m not talking about jumping up and down on the trampoline. I’m talking about a health bounce where you just lift your heels up and down about an inch and bounce gently. Or a bounce where you bounce from one leg to the other, kind of like you’re walking, but staying in place. Both of these are very low impact and accomplish the same thing. Bouncing to music makes the time go faster.

Inside your body you have a Lymphatic System. It runs beside your blood veins and it is also made up of “veins.” These veins carry the lymph, which filters the trash out of your body. Any poisons from your blood travel through and are eliminated by the lymph system. These would include left-over medication, poisons from bad food we consume, food colorings, preservatives, artificial flavors, medications given to animals before they are slaughtered and brought to market, excrement from any parasites you may have in your body; you get the idea – -gross garbage. The lymphatic system is a garbage dump!

What happens to the lymph system when a person becomes ill is terrible. It slows down almost to a stop and the body systems begin to back up. Your blood stream reabsorbs the garbage in hopes to eliminate it another way: through your colon, which isn’t working well at all, through your bladder – (very strong odor and dark yellow), through your skin – you get bad acne that won’t seem to go away no matter what you do OR your body will form fistulas (tiny tunnels formed by the body from one organ to another or opening to the outside of the body) trying to get rid of excess poisons, or through your lungs — very bad breath. All of these are signs that the garbage dump system isn’t working well any more!

The good news is that the lymphatic system is thought to have valves in it, similar to your blood veins. Have you ever pressed your finger along one of your blood veins that was puffed up and flattened it out until it reached a certain spot on your hand or arm, and then the vein refilled with blood? Valves keep your blood moving in one direction; that way the blood down in your toes will make it back to your heart. You can, in essence, “manually” pump your own lymph system.

This is done by bouncing on the mini trampoline! Every time your body goes up and down, the physical laws of acceleration and deceleration come into play. You literally force the lymph to start moving just by bouncing! This is wonderful news for Crohn’s or colitis or any form of I.B.D. You are not at the mercy of your body.

I have heard of a family where one person was so sick that they “set” the sick person down on the trampoline, and while one person supported her shoulders, the other person gently bounced behind her. Within two days, that sick person was out of bed and walking around for herself.

Set small one-minute goals for yourself. Be realistic. You will be able to build up time bouncing. Don’t be mad at yourself if you can’t do ten minutes the first time you get on.

Besides benefiting your lymph system, you are also getting some exercise and helping your other internal organs. I can’t stress enough how important this one thing is to my success in being healthy. Trampolines are inexpensive and can be purchased at yard sales, Sears, JC Penny’s (I think), and Wal Mart. I’m sure other places carry them also.

When I started bouncing, I had two recto-vaginal fistulas, no control over my sphincter, and was incontinent every time I changed positions. I had to stuff toilet paper you-know-where just to be able to bounce. Please know that I understand from the bottom of my heart some of your concerns, and will be praying for your success!

#3) The Benefits of Barley Green

I usually pour my Aloe right after I have bounced and am ready for my shower. By the time I have finished getting ready in the morning (about 45 minutes), I go downstairs and make a glass of Barley Green. Now before you say, “This woman drinks too many things that are gross,” please understand there’s a reason behind everything I do.

I believe that juicing your fruits and vegetables, straining them, then drinking them immediately is one of the fastest ways known to man to speed healing and recovery from any illness or disease. My favorite juice combination is a 16 to 20-ounce glass of carrot, kale and parsley juice. It takes approximately one, three pound bag of carrots, four kale leaves and a fifty-cent-piece size bunch of parsley. I peel my carrots to remove dirt and chemicals and rinse the other vegetables well.

At the close of this letter I will list some books I have found wonderfully helpful in my search for answers about health. But, and that’s a big but, no matter what I’ve read I have experimented on myself to see how it affects me. I believe we should listen to our bodies. Juicing takes about 20 – 30 minutes, depending on how much cleaning you have to do to your vegetables and juicer, and I don’t always have that time, or I may need to go to the store for veggies. That’s one reason why I love Barley Green.

A modern-day medical scientist who has done groundbreaking research in this area is Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D., a research pharmacologist who is the inventor of Barley Green and the author of Green Barley Essence.

In 1963, Dr. Hagiwara, the head of Japan’s largest drug manufacturing company, fell ill from mercury poisoning, a result of exposure to the substance in his lab work. In the extensive research that led to his recovery, Dr. Hagiwara abandoned the pharmaceutical approach when he found the key to health is nutrition — not drugs — and that the source of nutrition should be natural rather than synthetic. These nutrients are most abundant in the green juices of vegetables, and after researching and testing an incredible number of green vegetables, Dr. Hagiwara found young barley plants to be the most prolific and balanced source on earth of essential nutrients.

The finished product, Barley Green, contains an extremely broad and well-balanced spectrum of nutrients, including at least 16 vitamins, 23 minerals and 20 enzymes. Barley Green is also one of the most alkaline substances that can be consumed, which helps balance the acidity found in most American diets. Barley Green is produced from organically grown barley leaves, harvested at their most nutritious stage. The juice is extracted and then spray-dried at room temperature, thus retaining all of its nutrients, including enzymes.

Barley Green is the most “nutrient dense” food of which I am aware. It provides the cells with the elements crucial to their optimal growth and functioning. Within five minutes after it enters the body, Barley Green is in the blood stream feeding the cells and building the immune system. Barley Green is a vital part of my daily nutritional program, and I recommend it highly.

Dr. George Malkmus, of Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, N.C., does not recommend Barley Green taken in tablet form. Nor does he recommend it be taken in juice… only in a small amount of distilled water or dissolved dry in the mouth! I personally put two heaping teaspoons into about 10 – 12 oz. of distilled water. I have never tried taking it dry; maybe when I get my advanced degree in Barley Green!

Because Barley Green is in a powdered form there are no juicers or vegetables to clean. Just mix in water and go. For those of you who have a busy morning, it will be perfect for your schedule. Take it to work, and at 10:30 when everyone is drinking Diet Coke and eating doughnuts, have a glass of Barley Green.

When I first started drinking it, I only took one heaping teaspoon in water; now I take two. Start with a little, and work your way up to more. It’s a lot easier to be successful that way. Don’t try to do too much at first, and set yourself up for failure. Begin by adding two or three new simple things to your daily routine. Don’t beat yourself up if you skip a day. I think you’ll find, as I did, that I felt sooooo much improvement in a fairly short amount of time that was my incentive to keep going.

I personally recommend two different brands: Dr. Hagiwara’s Green Magma and a brand sold through Dr. George Malkmus made by AIM. For more information on how to order Barley Green, write Hallelujah Acres P.O. Box 2388, Shelby, N.C. 28151. Or call (704) 481-1700 FAX: (704) 481-0345. Also ask for their free copy of Back to the Garden newsletter. It’s great!

#4) A Garlic & Golden Seal Secret

Between raw garlic and an herbal combination of Golden Seal & Echinacea, I haven’t needed a prescription for an antibiotic in 5 years!!! There literally isn’t enough room in this Crohns article to list all the healing benefits of garlic alone. Whenever I run a fever or start to feel a bladder infection coming on, Golden Seal and Garlic get rid of it immediately. Pick up a book at your health food store on garlic. You will simply be amazed. And it’s priced right! You can find it at every grocery store.

When I feel a flare-up, I take garlic daily in small amounts. I take a medium clove (one of the smaller sections of the entire bulb), peel it and dice it with a paring knife into small squares that don’t need chewing. Then, I put the garlic on a spoon, mix up a glass of barley green to drink it down with, or water, and swallow it like I would vitamins or pills. It won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth if you do it this way.

Don’t chew it. It’s too burny and you will be offensive to everyone else you talk to all day long! Smile, you know it’s true! If you’re still afraid of the odor, follow the garlic with a sprig of parsley or two activated charcoal capsules.

People always ask me if they can just take Kyolic or garlic capsules instead. What I have found from trying this out on myself is that there is absolutely no comparison in the effects of raw garlic versus the capsules. If you want immediate help and the best possible natural antibiotic and immune booster, consider taking raw garlic. If you are unwilling or unable to take raw garlic, then by all means, please consider taking encapsulated garlic.

When I know I have an infection, I take it as a doctor would prescribe just about any antibiotic: three times per day (I take it 15 minutes before meals on an empty stomach) for seven to ten days. The reason you have to take prescribed antibiotics for seven to ten days, is that it takes that long to kill all of the infecting organisms in your body. If you quit before that amount of time, you have succeeded in killing the weaker organisms, leaving the stronger ones to infect your body, only worse the second time.

Also, be sure to include lots of garlic in the foods you cook. They are nutritionally dense and should be in every body’s diet. Please be aware that garlic has natural blood thinning properties and many individuals use it to help lower their elevated blood pressure. (Do not attempt to go off of your blood pressure medication without your doctors knowledge or supervision.)

Golden Seal can be used in the same way. I buy a brand at Wal Mart (they have a new herbal section near the pharmacy) that is a combination of Golden Seal & Echinacea, for anywhere from $6 to $8. When I had two recto-vaginal fistulas, I was incontinent every time I changed positions, causing a lot of bladder infections as you can only imagine. Well, after years of either antibiotics or just living with it, it made my bladder weak and I found my self-suffering with frequent urinary tract infections.

This may not be one of your problems and then again, there may be many of you who also suffer with this. I now take four capsules of the Golden Seal if I experience burning or frequency, and happily haven’t had a bladder infection since. Four capsules of Cranberry Fruit will also work; not as an antibiotic, but it makes your urine acidic and the bacteria find it difficult to survive in that environment.

#5) Activated Charcoal, Bad Gas & Parasites

Some of you have written and said, “Help! What do I do about bad gas problems?” It is a problem and can be very embarrassing! I’m sure you all have at least a couple of stories you wish you could forget. I do, too. Understanding why you have gas is half the problem. Inside your colon you have good bacteria and bad bacteria. When the bad bacteria, or in most people’s case’s, a whole lot of yeast and parasites, infest your colon walls feeding on decaying matter, they produce a bi-product you smell as gas.

Yeast, for example, feed on simple sugars. All Carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars. And of course, any time you consume just plain sugar in the form of cookies or whatever, you are also feeding them. They live off your body, consuming your nutrients before you get them. Because they are living organisms, they excrete their own poisonous bi-products.

I am not trying to gross you out, I just want you to understand why you feel as bad as you do. There is a reason for it. Symptoms are not what need to be treated, the problem needs to be removed! Don’t you see that is exactly the reason some of us never get off our medication for our entire lives? We have unfortunately become a society of symptom treaters. It’s expensive, too! Don’t get me wrong; I think there is a place for medicine. I just feel that it should be the exception instead of the rule!

So what can you do? To treat the symptom at home and also receive some great healthful benefits, I use Activated Charcoal capsules. I buy them at a health food store (usually more expensive), a local Co-op, or sometimes I can find them real cheap at flea markets. Get the capsules or powder, not the tablets; they contain small amounts of sugar. When I have bad gas, I’ll take six to eight capsules, three or four times a day, or whenever I am suffering from gas pains. Charcoal is an Adsorptive, meaning as it travels through your body, it adds on to itself or leaches, if you will, the poisons, bacteria, dead debris, and even medication out of your body on its way through.

Webster’s Dictionary defines adsorb as “to gather a gas, liquid, or dissolved substance on a surface in a condensed layer, as when charcoal adsorbs gases.” To absorb something, is “to suck up or drink in a liquid or to incorporate or assimilate something.” So, if you take it for gas, remember it will remove and adsorb even the medication in your system. I take it either one hour before medication or two hours after, just to be on the safe side.

One tablespoon of activated charcoal powder can adsorb the amount of bacteria that would completely cover a tennis court. I also take four capsules if I eat something that gives me indigestion or stomach pain. I used it once in the middle of a store when my son consumed an unknown amount of liquid soap. It’s what they give in the emergency room when they pump your stomach after an overdose, because it removes harmful medications from the body. Pretty amazing stuff.

We always carry a bottle in our glove box and in my purse for emergencies. For children who can’t swallow pills, the capsules can be opened into a small amount of water, stirred and sipped with a straw. It doesn’t have any taste. Don’t try to put the powder on your tongue and swallow with water. It is so light that when you take a breath, you’ll be sorry! (Please consult your doctor before adding charcoal to your diet.)

A more permanent solution to the gas problem would be to kill all the yeast and parasites and return the good bacteria levels to normal in the colon. It’s not impossible to do, and without this occurring, your problems will most likely continue for a long time, because once a pest sets up housekeeping, it multiplies. As long as you continue to consume sugar, even simple sugars (you can’t completely quit eating carbohydrates) you feed the yeast.

I’ve recently returned to school to get my Holistic Health Practitioner degree. It is estimated that 85-95% of all Americans are infected with at least one type of parasite. There are over 100 different types of parasites that humans can get. Once inside, the eggs hatch, then (most varieties) hitch a ride in your blood stream to your lungs. They live in the bottom of your lungs while they mature into adults (10-14 days), then they crawl up your bronchial tubes and you feel like you need to clear your throat. You swallow them back down into your gut where they live as adults for an average of 1-6 years per worm. Each female lays between 300-300,000 eggs/worm/day! These parasites eat your nutrients while you try to live off what they leave behind. They excrete toxic byproducts into your body, making it hard to sleep, or concentrate. Essentially, they wreck your life leaving you tired, lethargic, sick, and listless. Doctors don’t generally recognize the symptoms and even if they do suspect parasites, by the time a stool sample is given the eggs can be dead before they see them. Giving you a false negative.

If you own animals, kiss your animals, ever bite your nails or put your fingers in your mouth, it would be wise to go through a bottle of CLEAR once a year. Parasites can also be spread through kissing, etc. Eggs floating through the air from someone vacuuming or sweeping can land on your food and be swallowed. As you can see, it’s a good idea to do some yearly housecleaning. : )

If you have visible-to-the-eye parasites, YOU WILL SEE THEM DEAD IN THE TOILET in ONE to THREE DAYs!!!
In 24-hrs, my husband passed a large white worm that looked similar to a caterpillar. By the third day, my 8-yr-old son passed a gob of pinworms that I had NO IDEA he had, and the third day I had one bm that was more worms than poo!!! There were several different sizes. Some looked like grains of white rice, some slender and about an inch long, and some looked like white watermelon seeds with legs on the narrow end. Young parasites can be pink in color and some parasites can even be black and look like sesame seeds. Yikes!!!

You might want to invest in a bottle of CLEAR to assist in the removal of any parasites that you might have. Recently, the company dropped the price twenty dollars (yay) and one bottle costs $59.95 + tax & shipping. This is a 90-cap bottle and will last you 45 days if doing a normal cleanse.

They are easy to take (NORMAL YEARLY CLEANSE): The company recommends taking 2 capsules on an EMPTY STOMACH either in the morning, OR before bed with at least 2 tall glasses of water. WAIT a minimum of ONE hour before eating, but TWO hours is more effective. I personally recommend taking them at bedtime on an empty stomach with a tall glass of water. This allows the maximum amount of time to work before eating your morning meal. If you find you are passing a lot of parasites, you can increase the number of capsules to TWO at bedtime and TWO in the morning 1 to 2 hours before breakfast.

It’s a great and easy thing to do once a year (or more) to keep yourself clean of the little critters! We ALWAYS take CLEAR with us when traveling outside of the USA too. : ) You can order a bottle at:

I have now been on several different parasite cleanses. I had to do it more than once, and the normal recommended parasite-killing herbs weren’t strong enough to completely get rid of my problem. CLEAR is the absolute best, most effective, parasite killer I have taken over the years. My family continues to go through the “Normal Cleanse” every year or two.

The following parasite cleanse is geared for the more severe problem. I am sharing what worked for me. Each person is different and has a different tolerance level. Please feel free to call my office if you need help trouble shooting a problem you are experiencing. For Crohn’s sufferers I have found that both raw garlic, and aloe vera juice are also great parasite killers, and when used together, are really quite effective.

For a severe yeast problem, week one, I mince a medium-large clove of garlic and swallow with a glass of distilled water. Then 30 minutes later I drink about 12 – 14 oz. of aloe vera juice. I do this three times per day 30 minutes before each meal. (Although, I really don’t eat anything until around 11:00 a.m.) This is also the week you want to really start cleansing out your colon. Nice big juicy Granny Smith apples will work great. (Remember: two BM’s per day before beginning the Clear.)

Now don’t yell; apples do have fruit sugar, but Granny Smith apples have a lower sugar content than most. It is more important at this time to get the bowels moving a minimum of twice a day. If your bowels are not moving twice, what happens is that, as the yeast and parasites begin to die, they are not evacuated from your body and you end up reabsorbing their toxic byproducts.

The poisons are eventually absorbed by your blood stream, and you feel really, really bad! Two apples a day, maybe one for breakfast, and then again mid-morning, along with the aloe should get you going. I do this for one week. If I don’t think I’m having a severe, but rather a modest yeast problem, I would do everything the same, only I would take the garlic and aloe morning and evening, not three times a day. The bowels must move twice per day. You’ve gotta go!!

If you have any questions regarding the parasite cleanse described below, you may call my office between 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. EST to (803) 936-1714. Thanks. I will gladly answer any questions you have. I do have a consultation fee of $25/30-minute phone session. Initial consultations generally take 60 minutes. I accept Visa & MC. My phone hours are flexible depending on your schedule and timezone.

The second week I begin an herbal parasite killer called “CLEAR” (assuming I’m having two BM’s per day). This company also puts out an all natural, herbal product called EXPERIENCE that can help to regulate your bowels. Beginning the second week, I take one “CLEAR” in the morning with my aloe and garlic. This is in addition to what I did the first week.

The third week, I take one “CLEAR” in the a.m., with garlic and aloe, and one before bed with my garlic and aloe on an empty stomach. Now a little friendly warning here would be helpful to you. Many, many parasites are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. That does not mean they aren’t leaving your body.

Many parasites are large. If you find large worms in the toilet, they will be dead! Better out than in, I always say. One of my very healthy, close family members passed a four-inch, fat, white worm in less than 24 hours after taking the first “CLEAR” capsule. When that happens, you can’t help but ask yourself, “How long was that in there?”

Children take a lesser dose of everything, and I can help you with the amount of “CLEAR” they should be on. When our eight-year-old son took the cleanse, the fourth day he passed a bunch of pin worms. I had no idea they were in there. You can’t always tell! My best friend has been suffering with kidney pain for the last five years on and off. She would experience cramping in her back from time to time. It finally became unbearable and she underwent a series of scans at her local hospital.

When the testing turned up “zipp-o” she decided to see the physician who had originally put me on my juicing cleanse for my Crohn’s disease. After sending off a urine sample to a special laboratory the results were staggering. She was found to have 100,000 parasites per ml. of urine of one kind of parasite, and 10,000 parasites per ml. of another kind.

A staggering 110,000 parasites per ml. (There are five ml.’s in a teaspoon.) The parasites were literally eating her kidneys from the inside. She is following a strict regime of “CLEAR” and rebuilding tissues by drinking fresh vegetable juices and Barley Green. She cannot see these parasites as they leave her body, but she is almost 100% pain free now!

The process of killing parasites can be tricky and two-fold. Along with killing the parasites and yeast, you have to replace the good bacteria on a regular basis until everything is back in balance. This step is very important, and you need to start it immediately. Most health food stores, in the refrigerator section, carry a brand of powdered Multi-Acidophilus. Solgars is a good brand. I mix 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon into a cup of distilled water. It doesn’t really have a taste, but when you drink it, it replaces good bacteria from your mouth all the way down through your colon. It is important to always keep your acidophilus refrigerated.

Look for brands that have a minimum of FOUR strains of bacteria labeled on the bottle. You don’t need to buy the most expensive brand in the store. I personally like the brand KAL, and it is in capsules for around $7 – $8 per bottle. Finding powdered acidophilus is becoming harder and harder.

If my yeast problem is severe, I take the acidophilus three times per day for one to two weeks, before I reduce the amount to twice a day. You will need to continue the acidophilus replacement for the length of the parasite program. Ninety days should kill all the yeast, and their eggs. Of course, during this time you will need to be faithful not to eat any sugar. (I have found that taking one or two acidophilus capsules a day for several years now, has helped to tip the good bacteria balance in my favor. You may also want to make this part of your daily routine.)

Sugar is in just about everything these days, so you need to read labels! It will be listed as sucrose, dextrose, fructose, corn syrup, and so on. Remember, every time you consume sugar you feed the yeast and sugar-eating parasites, and they multiply! You will find that if you suffer from a lot of burning and itching or skin problems, these conditions will start to go away. That’s a physical sign that you are killing the yeast. Listen to your body, EXCEPT when it has sugar cravings! It’s not you that wants the sugar. Unfortunately, the cravings will increase when your “pests” start to die. Just do your best and pray every day that God will help you. And remember, it won’t last forever. Good Luck.

Fourth week: Increase to two “CLEAR” in the a.m., and two “CLEAR” in the p.m. Everything else the same.

Fifth week ~ Sixth week: Three “CLEAR” in the a.m., and three “CLEAR” in the p.m. Everything else the same.

Seventh week ~ Ninth week: Reduce “CLEAR” to two caps in the a.m., and two in the p.m.

Tenth ~ Twelfth week: Reduce “CLEAR” to two capsules in the p.m. only. Continue garlic and aloe.

After the Twelfth week: Congratulations! You made it. You should be feeling much better. I would continue to take my acidophilus once or twice a day, and a glass of aloe every morning. Please continue to keep any sugar levels pretty low.

You might want to invest in a bottle of CLEAR to assist in the removal of any parasites that you might have. Recently, the company dropped the price twenty dollars (yay) and one bottle costs $59.95 + tax & shipping. This is a 90-cap bottle and will last you 45 days if doing a normal cleanse. It’s a great and easy thing to do once a year (or more) to keep yourself clean of the little critters! We ALWAYS take CLEAR with us when traveling outside of the USA too. : ) You can order a bottle at:

#6) Distilled Water – A Liquid Healer

Just a note about what you are drinking. You wouldn’t wash your dishes every night in a sink full of Coke, Pepsi, or Mountain Dew, so don’t wash your blood and body organs in it, either. You need pure water to remove garbage from your kidneys and to make healthy blood. Water is in every cell in your body and is required for its proper performance. How much are you drinking a day? According to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., it should be half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 140 pounds, you should be drinking 70 ounces of water daily. In his book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, doctor Batmanghelidj explains that we are not sick; we are thirsty.

He also explains how our bodies have many “thirst signals”. Pain, unrelated to trauma, is one of them. So the next time you have a localized pain in your body, consider reaching for a glass of water instead of Tylenol. When I was on Azulfidine four times per day, even though the bottle said to drink plenty of water, I found that the medication actually removed my thirst. I was drinking around a measured ½ cup of water per day! It’s no wonder I almost died just from that.

Every time you consume a soft drink, the high acidity levels are neutralized by your body. They have to be! And the sad way that this happens, is that when all of the readily available dietary calcium is used up, your bones will then give up calcium in order to neutralize the acid. You can actually cause your own osteoporosis at an early age by ruining your bone density with soda pop. It makes me cry every time I see unknowing parents put pop into their baby’s bottle to drink, or watch a father of a two-year-old give his son coffee at the breakfast table and laugh that he’s a “real man.”

It breaks my heart to hear that one of my Crohn’s acquaintances gives her baby a bottle of chocolate milk every morning followed by those little doughnuts, followed by a bottle of pop, followed by brownies and candy, followed by more chocolate milk. They are always grouchy and irritable and screaming at each other. Is it any wonder, when we look at the food we put into our mouths and the mouths of our children? Even the Ensure that Crohn’s and colitis patients are given at the hospital has corn syrup solids as one of the number one ingredients. How are we supposed to get nutrition from that?

We need to educate ourselves on nutrition, and not wait for the pharmaceutical companies and television commercials to tell us what to eat. The first Crohn’s diet given to me was “eat nothing raw, nothing fresh, the whiter the better, very bland, no fiber, white bread, white rice…” They were just signing my death warrant in advance. Yours, too. It’s sad, and people are dying needlessly. Don’t be one of them. Your taste buds CAN be retrained to like foods that are better for you. Always take two bites of something new. Don’t turn up your nose after one bite. It takes two to retrain! Think about it. It really works.

Distilled water is my choice, because unlike tap water, which is filled with all kinds of detergents and chemicals and pollutants, distilled water is just water, nothing else. Think of water as a big sponge going through your body sopping up the toxic spills. If the water you drink out of your tap has its sponge 90% saturated by the stuff that’s already in it, that only leaves 10% of the water able to do its important job. When you drink distilled water, you have 98 – 100% soaking action in your water. Besides, the inorganic minerals you consume in your tap or well water are not useable by your body, and usually end up in your joints or in stone formation in your kidneys and gall bladder. I know you don’t want that, on top of everything else.

#7) Closing Thoughts on Crohns

I would like to thank each of you for your interest in Taste of Health Ministries. I hope that the recipes will be pleasing to your taste buds as well as your bodies. Please continue to remember us in your prayers, as I will you. I will be praying for your speedy healing. Remember, God gave each one of our bodies the ability to heal itself. We don’t have to wait for a miracle out of the sky, and hope He’ll pick us next to be healed. All of our dietary needs are laid out in the original diet given to Adam and Eve.

Now, they didn’t have six thousand years of sin behind them, nor did they have food juicers in the Garden of Eden, but we do have, and you need your juicer now, so use it. Remember one thing above all else: RAW FOOD IS CELL FOOD! When you put raw food juices into your body, along with an anti-inflammatory like Aloe, and an antibiotic like garlic or goldenseal, kill the yeast and parasites, replace the good bacteria, drink pure water, and bounce on your trampoline, your body can’t help but get well! Smile; it really works.

*Please be advised: Anyone who starts to juice and eat a healthier diet or even go on a parasite cleanse will more than likely begin to detox! This includes headaches, usually starting the second day on juices. You may also have a caffeine-withdrawal headache. You may feel flu – like symptoms. You may get a bit of the runs with mucous. Just know, that it is all part of your body starting to clean house, and the headaches do go away about the 4th day. It gets better, but if you don’t expect it, it can scare you into thinking that eating healthier is bad for you. You will feel more energy as the detox subsides.

The recipes in my new book are some of my favorites. I will be coming up with more and more over the next year. Please pray that God will send me great-tasting and nutritious recipe ideas. If you have a great non-dairy, non-meat recipe you would like to share with me, I may include it in my next cookbook with your name and home town.

I have also been asked by several of you if I have my story in print, and I do not. I will be working on it this year because even though so much of it is very personal, we are all going through the same horrifying things, aren’t we? There may be something I’ve done or tried that can help you. If I can help you, I will in any way possible. Just please remember, I cannot prescribe anything for you. That is between you and your doctor. Pray for the answers. God will lead you to them!

I would also like to start a quarterly newsletter. I’d like it to include testimonies from you and recipes, and the latest non-drug breakthroughs and tips. I have an Ileostomy and I have a lot of tips just on that. So let me know if you are interested in a newsletter and give me your ideas on how to keep cost down.

Many of you have asked if there is a charge for my recipe packet and what it is ($15 + $3 s/h). Everything I have available is listed at the foot of this Crohns article. You will need to call my office to order the recipe packet as it is not listed on my cookbook page.

I began this ministry because I have a burning passion to help sick people get better. I have learned that in all my giving to you, I am the one who is blessed. You can NEVER out give the Lord! God Bless You All In Your Endeavors Towards Health!

Your Friend In Christ,
Barbara Kerr

P. S. I will gladly answer any questions you have. I do have a consultation fee of $25/30-minute phone session. Initial consultations generally take 60 minutes. I accept Visa & MC. My phone hours are generally 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (E.S.T.), but I am flexible depending on your schedule and timezone. You may reach me at (803) 936-1714. My fax number is (803) 936-9161.

To order my full-color, beautiful, Taste Of Health cookbooks volume 1 & 2, I accept Visa, MC, checks or money orders, made out to Barbara Kerr or Taste, in the amount of $24.95, plus $5.95 S&H. (Two books can be shipped for the same $5.95. All orders over $50.00 add 10% of total for shipping. For customers outside the continental United States, call for pricing. All other recipes will be available in packet format; please call for the current price.

Here are a few of my favorite health books. I don’t necessarily believe every single thing every author writes. I use my common sense, and measure what they have to say against my gut feeling, personal experience, the Bible, and other writers. I hope you will be able to do the same.

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